No. Paper ID Title
1 1570761163 Blockchain for Transport, Performance Simulations of Blockchain Network for Emission Monitoring
By Dermot O OBrien , Georgios Fontaras , Igor Nai Fovino , Ioannis Kounnelis , and Vasileios Christaras
2 1570762020 Beyond fear go viral: A machine learning study on infodemic detection during covid-19 pandemic
By Tipajin Thaipisutikul , Timothy Shih , Avirmed Enkhbat , Wisnu Aditya , Huang-Chia Shih , and Pattanasak Mongkolwat
3 1570762585 Developing an Automatic Speech Recognizer For Filipino with English Code-Switching in News Broadcast
By Mark Louis S. Lim , Aaron John Xu , Charles Stepven Lin , Zishi Chen , and Ronald M. Pascual
4 1570771716 Comparison Analysis of Data Augmentation using Bootstrap, GANs and Autoencoder
By Mukrin Nakhwan
5 1570772039 Experimenting with Polymorphic Design Aids to Support Innovation in Participatory Ideation
By Muhammad Mustafa Hassan
6 1570772197 Measurement of Tongue Motion using Optical Flows on Segmented Areas
By Worapan Kusakunniran , Kittinun Aukkapinyo , Punyanuch Borwarnginnn , Thanandon Imaromkul , Kittikhun Thongkanchorn , Disathon Wattanadhirach , and Sophon Mongkolluksamee
7 1570772426 Continuity of line detection methods based on the Radon transform
By Pat Vatiwutipong
8 1570772435 Loan Default Risk Prediction Using Knowledge Graph
By Md. Nurul Alam , and Muhammad Masroor Ali
9 1570772538 An Improved Face Mask-Aware Recognition System Based on Deep Learning
By Chih-Yang Lin , Amornthep Rojanasarit , Kanatip Prompol , Tipajin Thaipisutikul , and Chi-Wen Lung
10 1570773145 Efficient Image Embedding for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
By Soranan Payatsuporn
11 1570773763 Unsupervised concept identification from a large corpus of research documents
By Watcharachat Plangsri , Nalina Phisanbut , and Punpiti Piamsa-nga
12 1570773866 Exploring Machine Learning Pipelines for Raman Spectral Classification of COVID-19 Samples
By Somrudee Deepaisarn , Chanvichet Vong , and Maneesha Perera
13 1570774139 Development of Anomaly Detection Model for Welding Classification Using Arc Sound
By Phongsin Jirapipattanaporn , and Worawat Lawanont
14 1570774143 Smart Education Using Machine Learning for Outcome Prediction in Engineering Course
By Worawat Lawanont , and Anantaya Timtong
15 1570774482 VAPE-BRIDGE: Bridging OpenVAS Results for Automating Metasploit Framework
By Kankanok Vimala , and Somchart Fugkeaw
16 1570774992 Unsupervised and Ensemble-based Anomaly Detection Method for Network Security
By Dong Hun Yang , Ikje Choi , and Myunggwon Hwang
17 1570775060 GSAP: A Hybrid GRU and Self-Attention Based Model for Dual Medical NLP Tasks
By Huey-Ing Liu , Meng-Wei Chen , Wei-Chun Kao , Yao-Wen Yeh , and Cheng-Xuan Yang
18 1570775071 Evolution of Neural Collaborative Filtering for Recommender Systems
By Alexandros I Metsai , Konstantinos Karamitsios , Konstantinos Kotrotsios , Periklis Chatzimisios , George Stalidis , and Kostas Goulianas
19 1570775341 Explainable Digital Currency Candlestick Pattern AI Learner
By Jun-Hao Chen , Cheng-Han Wu , Yun-Cheng Tsai , and Samuel Yen-Chi Chen
20 1570775398 Obstacles Detection for Electric Wheelchair with Computer Vision
By Phenphitcha Patthanajitsilp , and Prabhas Chongstitvatana
21 1570775557 A Novel Relational Deep Network for Single Object Tracking
By Pimpa Cheewaprakobkit , Chih-Yang Lin , Hung Chun , and Timothy Shih
22 1570776169 Traffic Light and Crosswalk Detection and Localization Using Vehicular Camera
By Somkiat Wangsiripitak , Keisuke Hano , and Shigeru Kuchii
23 1570776309 A Hybrid Deep Neural Network for Classifying Transportation Modes based on Human Activity Vibration
By Sakorn Mekruksavanich , Ponnipa Jantawong , Ilsun You , and Anuchit Jitpattanakul
24 1570776339 SIREN! Detecting Burmese Hate Speech Comments on Social Media
By Khin Me Me Chit , Yi Yi Chan Myae Win Shein , Aye Hninn Khine , and Wai Yan
25 1570776373 Comparison of Clustering Techniques for Thai Mutual Funds Fee Dataset
By Jakkaphan Whasphuttisit , Watchareewan Jitsakul , and Thongchai Kaewkiriya
26 1570776401 Neural Networks for Real-Time Digital Emulation of Guitar Speaker Cabinet Impulse Response
By Sorawat Chivapreecha , and Tantep Sinjanakhom
27 1570776443 Comparison of Prediction Models for Road Deaths On Road Network
By Watchareewan Jitsakul , and Thaninthorn Whasphutthisit
28 1570776456 RaaS (Robot-as-a-Service) focusing on the human-robot collaboration in industrial sites
By Esther Hahyeon Kim , and Chen Li
29 1570776474 Electronic Nose for Analysis of Coffee Beans Obtained from Different Altitudes and Origin
By Wandee Aunsa-Ard
30 1570776477 Detection of Mental State from EEG Signal Data: An Investigation with Machine Learning Classifiers
By Ahnaf Akif Rahman , Muntequa Imtiaz Siraji , Lamim Ibtisam Khalid , Fahim Faisal , Mirza Muntasir Nishat , Mohammad Rakibul Islam , and Nchouwat Ndumgouo Ibrahim moubarak
31 1570776545 A Deep Learning-Based Spatial and Temporal Data: Plant-Growing Case Study
By Barakatullah Azizi , Narongrit Waraporn , and Murray Ayres
32 14124869 TEST Paper ABCDEFGHI eoirjitlv[pwe okroptl;dfory ofkgoptfgotkyowerm ortrk rtewrwerjiSREKOkrgtnjsner owekraejrigknmeklasmgklrjmskgnrstgaergajdjbnhkdb
By Watcharaphong Yookwan, and Nilrat Kanyunthong